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The Shooting of the Short Film ” The Tomb “, Has Been Completed

The short film ” The Tomb “, written by Dinçer Batırbek, the winner of the Perde Art Short Film Script Competition, which was produced in Ankara’s Kızılcahamam district, was successfully completed. The shooting of this special project, directed by Gürsel Ates, continued for two days with the support of Kısaft.

While the leading role in the movie was entrusted to İbrahim Sevinç, the cast also includes Caner Karadag, Volkan Özbay, Emre Ayalp, Demirel Işık, Merve Parlak, Esra Süt, Hatice Yiğit, Yusuf Burak Sevinç, Umut Görkem Demir, Özcan Özdemir, Ayşe Ünlü, Duru Melek Özbay and Sabu Karadağ took part.

The subject of the short film called The Tomb focuses on the difficult period of Muharrem Efendi, who was the tomb keeper of the Hakiki Baba Tomb. Here is the main plot of the movie and the synopsis of the story:

Muharrem Efendi, who has been the tombmaster of the Hakiki Baba Tomb for many years, makes a living by praying and writing amulets for the visitors. This holy place has an important place for Muharram both in terms of business and spirituality. However, Muharrem Efendi’s world is turned upside down when the inspectors who come to the tomb one day report that they have received a notice that the tomb is fake and that they will scan the tomb with underground radar to verify its authenticity.

Although Muharrem Efendi says the shrine is real and the spirit of the Genuine Father is still in this place, the inspectors are in doubt. Muharrem Efendi realizes that he has little time to prove the authenticity of the tomb and save its reputation. While he does his best to defend the mystery and authenticity of the tomb, he also challenges his commitment to his faith.

The behind-the-scenes team played a big role in the success of “The Tomb”.

Assistant Director: Emre Çetin AKÇAY

Camera assistant: Afra Zeynep KÜTÜK

Art Director: Ahmet KURGUN

Art Assistant: Şabu KARADAG

Editing / Editor: Alptugra Erken

Color grading: Altai Studios

Technical Production: Ankara Short Film Society (Kisaft)

Sound – Boom: Kamil AKKAYA

Sound operator: Deniz SARIBAL

Photo and video: Mertkan KAYABAS

Costume: Hatice YİGİT

Makeup: Ayşe ÜNLÜ

Decor: Tolga Furkan GULER

It was implemented by a team that brought together the young talents of Turkey. 30 people in the set team came together to realize the directorial vision of Gürsel Ates. Cihan Abdal was the assistant director, and Hasan Küçükyazıcı was the cinematographer. After the shooting was completed, the editing phase of the film has now begun. Alptugra Erken will be the editor and editor, while the color grading will be done by Altai Studios. It will get its final touches and will compete in festivals in Turkey and abroad in the near future.

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