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Awita New York Studio Introduces ANQI’s Hiromita to Brooklyn Art Scene

Awita New York Studio proudly announces its inaugural international art exhibition, bringing a taste of global creativity to the heart of Brooklyn’s thriving art scene. From April 3rd to April 16th, art enthusiasts are invited to immerse themselves in a diverse showcase of talent curated by gallery-owner and artist Gulsum Keskinoglu and coordinated by art consultant and curator Ecem Gurleyen. This dynamic exhibition will feature ANQI’s iconic character, Hiromita, alongside a diverse array of international artists.

ANQI, a Turkish-Taiwanese artist renowned for her vibrant mixed-media paintings and digital art,  brings her beloved character, Hiromita to New York once again. Hiromita, a tiger-spirited cat that symbolizes authenticity, is inspired by Asian manga and traditional Chinese rooftop cat figurines. The character embodies a playful cat that consumes the emptiness within our modern lives and returns love and abundance.

“Hiromita embodies the struggle of healing, our yearning to connect with others while retaining our individuality, without ‘over-adapting’ to fit in,” says ANQI. “Hiromita exists amidst a colorful void, appearing sincere, playful, and unsettling simultaneously. She seeks connection without compromising her authenticity to gain acceptance.”

Two captivating works from ANQI’s Hiromita series, “Hiromita – Beacon of Hope” and “Inner Star,” will be showcased during the exhibition, offering viewers a glimpse into the artist’s playful world.

Gülsüm Keskinoğlu

Awita New York Studio, founded by Gulsum Keskinoglu, serves as the perfect place for discovering local and international artists in a cozy and inspiring setting. During art shows,  pop-up events are regulary organized offering a lively platform to connect with fellow artists, makers, and collectors.

Keskinoglu’s vision is to create opportunities for artists and makers to showcase their talent, connect with other creatives, and explore new possibilities. The studio, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has quickly become a hub for fostering creative community and supporting artists.

In addition to ANQI’s Hiromita, the group exhibition will feature works from a diverse lineup of international artists. Don’t miss the grand opening reception on April 4th from 5-8pm, where art enthusiasts, collectors, and creators will gather to celebrate this extraordinary showcase of talent.

Event Details:

  • Grand Opening Reception: April 4th, 5-8pm
  • Exhibition Dates: April 3rd – April 16th
  • Location: Awita New York Studio, 274 S Second St, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

About Awita New York Studio

Awita New York Studio, founded by artist Gulsum Keskinoglu, serves as a beacon for local / international artists and makers to connect, create, and showcase their work. Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the studio offers a cozy and inspiring space for artistic exploration and community building.

For more information, please visit Awita New York Studio website and follow the gallery on Instagram @awitanewyork

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