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Gözde Mulla’s Exhibition ‘Somewhere Out There’ at Goethe-Institut Ankara Gallery Vitrin

Galeri Vitrin, the art space of Goethe-Institut Ankara, is hosting Gözde Mulla’s solo show “Somewhere Out There” between September 15 – November 12, 2023 The show deals with the violence committed by humans on nature with the contradiction of interior-exterior as a metaphor and invites the viewer to a reverse interior-exterior relationship.

In the show, the interior consists of an image of nature, a part of the exterior, which is compressed behind a display window, a gigantic interior space. The exterior, on the other hand, represents the humankind, who is not one with nature but opposes it and has to view nature from outside the display window. The show which consists of a single 4.05×5.67 meters piece, is located in the space with a moving light that accompanies the image of mountain and sky. It invites the viewer to a space of confrontation, which excludes the human and everything that is human-made and the nature inside is not even heard.

In the show, our tyranny over nature and the violence we commit are constructed as a quiet space of encounter. Mulla invites the viewer to hear the voices behind the present silence and to reflect on the animate and inanimate forms that are parts of nature in her show, “Somewhere Out There”, which she created specifically for the spatial experience of Galeri Vitrin in the trajectory of her personal art practice.

Gözde Mulla -Somewhere Out There- detail. Photo: Oğuz Karakütük

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