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Interview with Artist Svetlana Peykov

We had a pleasant conversation with Bulgarian artist Svetlana Peykov, who lives in Switzerland, about her art life.

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Svetlana Peykov. I am a modern Bulgarian artist from Moldova, living in Switzerland. I studied contemporary art at the Ion Creanga State University. Faculty of Applied Arts and Design in Chisinau. I create paintings for modern interiors. Worked for interior designers. She also worked as an artist for the development of schemes for embroidery. Now I have started my creative journey and I am so happy. I paint pictures that are close to my liking. I draw what inspires me.

-When and how did you start drawing?

I have been drawing since childhood, constantly making different sketches, inspired by nature. But I took drawing more seriously at the University of Applied Arts and Design. I began to notice the subtleties of the beauty of nature better. I studied drawing, design, various painting techniques, sculpture and plunged into an interesting journey in the art world.

-Could you tell us a little about your work and style?

Art is my passion. Nature inspires me. Nature beckons with its beauty. Communication with nature is a great happiness and an important human need. My bright paintings reflect my love for nature. These bright natural convey energy, harmony and positive emotions.

With my work I want to convey the beauty of nature in such bright colors. I create interior paintings with soul and love. I love experimenting with different painting techniques. I specialize in acrylic and relief painting with various effects. I also design and embroider on canvas. I have always been interested in trends, style, fashion and contemporary art.

I create paintings according to different styles and interior design (Loft, Modern, Art Deco, Minimalism, etc. I like to create paintings for different interior styles. I like to switch from one style to another, so the process is more interesting. My paintings are created in the interior a certain mood and contribute to the development of individuality. With my paintings you can meditate, reflect and touch the beautiful. These paintings can enliven the interior and create an atmosphere of comfort, harmony and style.

Nature for me remains one of the important themes for creativity. It is my muse. Nature fascinates with its fantastic landscapes. Nature is picturesque. Every corner of nature is fraught with a magical and mysterious feeling. The beauty of nature excites the imagination, becomes the material for fantasy. Nature is an inexhaustible source of beauty.’Mother nature is always one step ahead when it comes to beauty. She is a true artist “Giovanna Fletcher. Through art, I want to convey the beauty of nature. Nature surprises even more draw a palette of colors and unique images. After all, nature pleases souls and makes people happy.

-What do you like most about drawing?

Drawing for me is a creative process that I enjoy. The creative process is like magic, very mesmerizing. I love in the process that everything is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Drawing for me is like meditation. I always want to create something new, interesting to the world. In the process of drawing, I immerse myself in my world of calm, peace and fantasy and create, create, create.

-What do you think of people’s reactions to your paintings?

I think people like my paintings. My paintings are magnetic, which attract, fascinate and immerse in themselves. My paintings look unusual and stylish. These paintings convey energy, state and emotions. In my interior paintings there are often green shades. For me, green is a hypnotizing color that makes me not take my eyes off for a long time. Green color has healing properties. It can also freshen up the interior. My paintings make the interior space bright, emphasize elegance, create the necessary aura. These paintings allow you to create harmony, style and a cozy atmosphere in the house.

-What do you do in your free time?

In my free time I listen to jazz, relax music, do yoga, meditate. I read books about psychology, about art. I watch films about great artists, about art. This inspires me a lot. I communicate with different artists and connoisseurs of art. I like to walk in nature, to dissolve in it. I love being with my family, traveling, playing sports. Traveling, I admire the Architecture in the old towns of Switzerland. The architectural elements of the facades are especially striking in their beauty of decor. I go to galleries and exhibitions. I want to touch the beauty in reality. This allows me to receive aesthetic pleasure and enriches spiritually.

-What are your hobbies?

I started collecting antique Baroque frames. Restoring and transforming into a modern style. And I make them into my interior paintings. Now these frames are especially relevant in interior design. They have such a luxurious decor, I am very mesmerized. Particularly restored frames in the Baroque style, using trendy colors, look stylish and fashionable in interior design. In addition to my painting, I develop a drawing and embroider on canvas. I like the effect and process similar to meditation.

-Could you tell us a little about your future projects?

I was invited to participate in an online exhibition in Switzerland. I plan to participate in offline and online international exhibitions. I also have a lot of ideas and I want to bring them to life.

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