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Osman Hamdi Bey Room Opened at Sivas Atatürk and Congress Museum

On December 15, 2023, the grand opening of the Osman Hamdi Bey Room took place at the Sivas Atatürk and Congress Museum, marking a significant addition to Turkey’s cultural landscape. The room is curated under the title “Kemahlıoğlu Private Collection” by curator Caner Kemahlıoğlu, and it was inaugurated as part of the museum’s section titled “The Figure Bringing Museology to Turkey.”

The Osman Hamdi Bey Room, dedicated to the painter and archaeologist, showcases 38 pieces of art created by 20 different artists using various techniques. The project, led by curator Caner Kemahlıoğlu, has received support from the Sivas Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism as well as the Governorship.

The artists and their works, presented within the Kemahlıoğlu Private Collection on December 15, 2023, include:

  • Muhammet Hızır Yüksel – “New Interpretation for the Theologian”
  • Metin Aykanat – “New Interpretation for the Arms Dealer”
  • Ali Rıza Kanaç – “New Interpretation for the Dervish in the Şehzade Tomb”
  • Özgür Boran Gültekin – “Rahle of the Theologian”
  • Şerife Meral Eşmeler – “Quran Lesson in the Green Mosque” & “Dervish in the Şehzade Tomb” with “New Interpretation on Chalcedony Stone”
  • Onur Kavas – “Turtle Trainer,” “Izzettin Keykavus,” and “Girl Reading the Quran” Tiles
  • Dilara Nur Kahraman – “Special Design” and “Osman Hamdi Bey Special Design”
  • Buse Akdoğan – “First Museum of Sivas, Buruciye Madrasa”
  • Büşra Meydan – “Girl Reading the Quran”
  • Deniz Serkan Özcan – “Girl with Pink Hat”
  • Günsu Saraçoğlu – “Two Musician Girls on an Ostrich Egg”
  • Fadime Yıldırım – “Original Postage Stamps”
  • Erdoğan Paksoy – “Trainer of the Future”
  • Melih Can – “Fountain of Ab-ı Hayat”
  • Ayşegül Baş – “Interpretation of Quran Reading Teacher on Rubber Leaf”

The exhibition, conceived with the idea of “If Osman Hamdi Bey, an archaeologist and painter, were a painter from Sivas, how would he reflect the historical structures and motifs of Sivas in his works?” can be visited indefinitely at the Sivas Atatürk and Congress Museum. Visitors are invited to explore Osman Hamdi Bey’s art while experiencing a blend of historical and contemporary elements.

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