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Interview with Pianist and Composer Melany Thompson

We had a pleasant interview with Australian pianist and composer Melany Thompson on her art life.

Can we get to know you?

I am most importantly a mum to 2 beautiful kids! Together with my husband, we all enjoy the outdoor life that Australia offers – plenty of swimming, tennis, beach days and sunshine! I am also extremely grateful to be considered a music creator. I studied the piano as a child and performed many times but I moved away from music for a while and studied sociology and communications at university. Music was always my passion and a beautiful hobby, so a few years ago I returned to my first love and recorded an album of my original solo piano pieces. I had no idea how the music streaming business worked and it has been a learning curve on many fronts but I love it and have met some amazing people along the way! 

What is the story of how you became familiar with your instrument?

When I was three years old I asked my parents for a piano. They bought me a toy piano, which I was a bit disappointed with apparently. I somehow managed to teach myself a few nursery rhymes on it which was enough to convince them I was serious! Soon after that they bought me my first upright piano that I had for the next 14 years! I started lessons at four years old and studied AMEB and did music at school but I was always writing my own little melodies and playing songs by ear that I heard on the radio.  

How do you see the level of interest in classical music around the world? And how is it in your country?

I think there will always be certain countries and regions that have a deeper understanding and appreciation of classical music. Countries rich in history seem to have a long standing interest in classical styles of music. Australia is a very young country in comparison to most European countries for example, and as a result I think our culture and interest in music reflects this. 

Do you know Turkey? Are there any classical music artists from our country that you follow?

I have travelled to many places but unfortunately I have not been to Turkey. We of course have been devastated to watch the unfolding aftermath of the earthquake and my heart goes out to your nation. It is hard to imagine the impact something like that has on a country and its people. 

I listen to a lot of music and perhaps some of it is from Turkish composers but I am sorry to say that I’m not sure! I would love some recommendations though! Discovering new music from other people is just as important as making your own. 

Can you tell us about any new projects you have in the works? 

I am in the middle of a 5-track series of sleepy piano tracks that are being released with German label Aemeralds. I have a couple of collaboration projects in the works which is always good fun. It’s amazing how we can create music with people on the other side of the world who we may never meet! 

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